Retired top army officer arrested over scam to send Sri Lankans to Russia-Ukraine war

In a financial scam promising jobs in the Russian military, two people, including a retired Sri Lankan army major, have been apprehended.

The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) arrested the two men today, according to the Police.

For fraudulently obtaining money from individuals in the promise of sending them to the Russian army, they were apprehended.

In the recent past, several Sri Lankans were reported to have fought for Russia in the war against Ukraine.

Last year, three Sri Lankans were also reported killed fighting for Ukraine against Russia's invasion.

Al Jazeera reported in March this year that hundreds of Sri Lankans were serving in the Russian military in Ukraine.

Many Sri Lankans living in Russia told Al Jazeera that the prospect of Russian citizenship and salaries of up to $3,000 a month lured them into combat. 

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