Price of essential commodities likely to increase by Rs.5

Increase in prices of essential commodities by Rs.5

Price of essential commodities likely to increase by Rs.5: The price of imported essential commodities may increase by Rs 4-5 per kg from May 1 as local importers will have to pay THC (terminal handling charges) previously paid by shipping companies located in the country where the cargo is located, the Essential Foods Importers Association said.

Its spokesperson Nihal Senaviratne said that since 2012, these charges have been collected from the producing countries, but the system has been canceled by Ports, Shipping and Aviation Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva.

He said that removal of these duties will affect not only importers but also exports.

Nihal Senaviratne said that although importers and trade association officials were scheduled to meet the President on April 19, it was canceled at the last moment. He also said that he hopes to meet the President in the near future.

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