Corona resurgence in Jaffna

Corona resurgence in Jaffna

Corona resurgence in Jaffna: 5 more corona patients have been detected in Jaffna and they have been quarantined under the supervision of the medical authorities of the hospital.

Earlier, after five corona patients from Peturududuwa and Jaffna city were detected in Jaffna, they were quarantined and given quarantine facilities by the hospital authorities last week.

After meeting those corona patients, the patients who came to the Jaffna Teaching Hospital for treatment of common fever were PCR. After testing, 5 new people have been diagnosed with corona infection.

In case the number of corona patients increases further, steps will be taken to implement the medical advice taken to protect against corona disease throughout the Jaffna Peninsula, the office of the Director of Health Services of the Northern Province has said.

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