The Strike ended temporarily

The Strike ended temporarily

The Strike ended temporarily: Unions have decided to temporarily suspend a nationwide walkout demanding an immediate change in the government's tax policy.

47 trade unions including government doctors, specialist doctors, university professors, electrical engineers, bank officials, petroleum, water supply, road development, education administration, surveyors, and local revenue unions participated in the one-day strike held yesterday (15).

They say that the tax rate ranging from 6% to 36% for monthly income above Rs 1 lakh has put professionals from many sectors in dire straits.

The Government Medical Officers Association said that the current strike will be temporarily ended today (16) at 8.00 am after the President expressed his willingness to consider their demands.

Meanwhile, the Union of Health Trade Unions has informed us that the strike which was carried out yesterday to raise various issues including payment cut has been temporarily ended at 6.30 am today.

Prasanna Kalutharage, President of the Free Port Workers' Union, has said that it has been decided to end the Strike started by the port workers at 7.00 am today.

Ranjan Jayalal, Convener of the United Trade Union Confederation of Sri Lanka Electricity Board, has said that the Strike started yesterday by the electricity workers has temporarily ended since last night.

Meanwhile, Sri Lankan Bank Employees Union President Channa Dissanayake said that the bank employees will engage in duties as usual from 8.00 am today.

Sindaka Bandara, co-convener of United Postal Union Front, said that the nationwide strike by postal workers in support of union unity ended at midnight yesterday.

KU Kontasinghe, president of the Locomotive Railway Engineers Association, said that the strike of the railway employees temporarily ended yesterday at midnight.

Meanwhile, the union will meet this afternoon to decide its future course of action.

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