There should be a negotiated settlement without a strike. - Mahinda Rajapaksa

Settled through negotiation without strike - Mahinda Rajapaksha

As a party, we are always ready to accept criticism, but we are against mudslinging. Opposition parties are trying to mislead people by announcing things that cannot be proven. The villagers are always firm with us. Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa has said that we are confident that they will not leave us.

Mahinda Rajapaksa said the above while attending the Monaragala district conference of Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna yesterday (12) at the party office in Monaragala.

He also said, 
"During our regime, the entire country has developed. Apart from the main roads, rural roads were also carpeted. That day, the opponents asked if they could eat the carpet. But today rural people use those roads to bring their goods and meet other facilities.

About ten years ago the villages of Monaragala district did not have electricity. But under our government 96% houses have been provided with electricity. Rural schools are provided with necessary physical facilities and human resources.

Monaragala was given a swimming pool for the first time. Today, not only Mahanama children but also children from surrounding schools participate in swimming competitions.

There has been a slight setback in agricultural activities in rural areas. Consumer goods prices have increased. In the future, measures will be taken to strengthen the economy of farmers by supporting agricultural activities. We are not afraid of elections. Our party is a party that worked for the village. A party that has won the love of rural people. So the people of Wellessa are not going to fear elections and have given us the power of ten regional councils.

There is no doubt that the same will be given in the next election as well.. They say that the People's Liberation Front will build the country by going village by village. But in 1971, 88, 89 it was the People's Liberation Front that destroyed the country's resources. Wellessa people are not stupid to give power to such a party.

Civil servants are on strike for their professional rights, not to inconvenience people. School teachers, university professors are on strike delaying exams of school students, doctors and other health workers are on strike, leaving patients helpless. We can resolve it through negotiation as much as possible..”
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