Electricity Board does not allow privatization

Electricity Board does not allow privatization

Unions warn that Electricity Board will not allow privatization.

The Sri Lanka Electricity Board Joint Trade Union Confederation has pointed out that the minister is preparing for it under the guise of restructuring.

It was reported yesterday that it is planned to implement the reforms that can be carried out in the Electricity Board from next week before the final bill is submitted to the Parliament.

The first step is said to be to withdraw from collective agreements and take the necessary new policy decisions on fiscal control.

These facts were revealed during a discussion to review the progress of the Sri Lanka Electricity Board restructuring programme.

The Ministry of Energy said that the Asian Development Bank, World Bank and other organizations have informed them about the support they can provide for the restoration project and they will get their support accordingly.

An agreement is said to have already been reached for financial audit, HR audit, asset audit and legislative assistance.

The Cabinet is to be briefed on the restructuring road map and timeline.

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