Mysterious object washed ashore in Japan

Mysterious object washed ashore in Japan

A mysterious spherical object with a diameter of 1.5 meters has washed ashore on the coast of Japan. Foreign media reported that a spherical object washed ashore on a beach belonging to the coastal city of Hamamatsu.

The mysterious spherical object was first seen by some townspeople who came to the beach. They informed the municipality and the police about this. City officials then designated the beach a safe zone and deployed police and military.

It was also suspected to be an unexploded bomb placed at sea and used during World War II. However, it was insisted that there were no explosives in it.

Japanese media later reported that X-rays were used to see what was inside the spherical object and found that there was nothing inside the spherical object.

Spherical matter is also said to have two 'forms'. That means it could be connected to something, police said later.

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