Jayam Ravi With Unrecognizable Look

Ponni's Selvan, released last year, has given Jayam Ravi a huge reach. The market of Jayam Ravi, who has become popular as a prince, has also increased.

Recently, it was reported that he was paid in crores only for a store advertisement in which he acted.

Ponni's Selvan 2nd part, Chamivan, Akhilan, Siren are getting ready for his acting.

The Actor's Latest Look

Currently, a photo of actor Jayam Ravi is doing the rounds on social media. In it, he is seen with an unrecognizable gray hair and aged appearance.

The fans who saw it were shocked that our Jayam Ravia is like this.

Here is his latest click :

Jayam Ravi With Unrecognizable Look
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