Sri Lanka Faces Major Crisis if Nipah Virus Outbreak Occurs: Urgent Call for Preparedness

Urgent Call for Preparedness: Sri Lanka's Potential Crisis in the Event of a Nipah Virus Outbreak

Sri Lanka Faces Major Crisis if Nipah Virus Outbreak Occurs: Urgent Call for Preparedness
The Association of Health Professionals warns of a potential catastrophe if the Nipah virus enters Sri Lanka. Read more about the urgent need for preparedness in the face of a Nipah virus outbreak.

The Association of Health Professionals has raised concerns over the looming threat of a Nipah virus outbreak in Sri Lanka. President Ravi Kumudesh emphasized the necessity of establishing a comprehensive virus examination process, similar to the one implemented for the Covid virus.

Despite significant investments in PCR and virus labs, not a single operational facility has been established within the country. The promised Parasitology Laboratory, intended for personalized medicine with a budget of 250 million rupees, remains closed and unused in Mulleria.

Furthermore, the National Parasite Laboratory has also been rendered non-operational and neglected. The Association urges authorities to repurpose this facility for comprehensive parasite testing, considering the impending risk of viral diseases like Nipah.

The unpredictable nature of virus outbreaks necessitates proactive measures for global healthcare. Sri Lanka must learn from past experiences and enhance its preparedness to effectively manage and combat future viral diseases, including Nipah.

The Association of Health Professionals expresses deep concern, stating, "We implore the Nipah virus to spare Sri Lanka. Its arrival would pose a significant problem." The world remains uncertain about the timing and spread of such viruses, emphasizing the need for preparedness.

As we face recurring virus threats, it is crucial to acknowledge the importance of proactive readiness. Countries worldwide are consistently preparing for potential viral outbreaks. Sri Lanka must adopt a similar approach and be prepared from the outset, regardless of the virus's origin or global circumstances.

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