Consent to privatization subject to five conditions - Udaya Gammanpila

Consent to privatization subject to five conditions - Udaya Gammanpila

Consent to privatization subject to five conditions - Udaya Gammanpila: Pivithuru Hela Urumaya president Udaya Gammanpila said that Pivithuru Hela Urumaya will agree to privatization subject to five conditions.

The Member of Parliament said the above while participating in a press conference held today (03) at the Bivithuru Hela Urumaya party headquarters.

Commenting further, Member of Parliament,

“Due to political influence, public institutions hire party members, not talent. So party members cannot compete effectively in private companies. Also, private companies buy quality products at lower prices. Government companies buy goods from suppliers that pay more. While these facts may not apply to every government agency, these facts are relevant to the majority of governments. Therefore, we agree to privatization subject to five conditions.”

Below are the five conditions.

01) Privatization should happen with more transparency. An all-party committee should be set up in Parliament to monitor privatisation. Before privatisation, a valuation report on the true value of the company should be submitted to the committee. Also, after privatization, an audit report should be submitted to the committee that the privatization process was fair and transparent. The government should not privatize any company without the approval of this committee.

02) There should be real regulation to prevent the creation of an exploitative market as a result of privatisation.

03) Privatization should not take place in such a way that these companies fall into the hands of enemies of the motherland and pose a threat to national security.

04) To prevent collusion in the private sector and to deal with emergencies, not to privatize companies, to give opportunity to new entrepreneurs and to provide a maximum competitive market.

05) Institutions of strategic importance should be retained by the government.

“There are various rumors that it has already been decided who to sell to the companies that have already been selected for privatisation. If the government goes down the old road of privatization like the time of Premadasa Chandrika Ranil and tries to sell state assets. For commission constituencies, then the slogan of 'saving government resources' will return. The government has to shoulder the responsibility of renovating and transferring the burden of these institutions to the next generation.”

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