Bigg Boss Fame Actor GP Muthu Buys a New Car: Find Out the Price of the Car

Discover the new car purchase of GP Muthu, the popular Bigg Boss fame actor. Learn about the price range of his latest white Kia car.
Bigg Boss Fame Actor GP Muthu Buys a New Car: Find Out the Price of the Car

GP Muthu, known for his fame on the popular TV show Bigg Boss and his YouTube presence, has recently made headlines with his latest purchase—a brand new car. The actor-turned-social media influencer has shared an exciting video on his YouTube channel, where he proudly showcases his new white car.

In 2021, GP Muthu had previously shared a video when he purchased a second-hand car, expressing his joy as the first person in his family to own a car. However, he has now taken a step further and upgraded to a new vehicle.

The specific make and model of the car have been revealed as a white Kia. While the exact variant is not mentioned, reports suggest that the price range of this particular Kia car falls between 12 to 15 lakhs. GP Muthu's choice of a white car exudes elegance and a sense of style.

GP Muthu gained popularity through the short-video platform TikTok, where he amassed a significant following. His presence on YouTube further expanded his fan base, and his participation in the TV show Bigg Boss brought him into the limelight. Although his stint on the show was short-lived, GP Muthu continued to make waves in the entertainment industry by actively pursuing acting opportunities in subsequent films.

With his latest car purchase, GP Muthu exemplifies the success and growth he has achieved through his online presence and entertainment ventures. His followers and fans eagerly anticipate updates on his social media handles, as he continues to share his experiences and endeavors with them.

GP Muthu, the popular Bigg Boss fame actor, has recently bought a new car—a white Kia. While the exact model is undisclosed, the price of the car is reported to range between 12 to 15 lakhs. GP Muthu's journey from TikTok fame to YouTube and his subsequent acting career showcases his determination and success in the entertainment industry. His fans and followers eagerly await more updates on his exciting ventures.

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