How is this? AI surprise avatar

How is this? AI surprise avatar

In the past few weeks, any social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. has been filled with images and sketches created by Artificial Intelligence (AI). It was even seen that many people had made AI-generated portraits of their photos as their homepage. What is behind this technology?

Noise-free artificial intelligence technologies have also seen a huge boom in the wake of the massive internet revolution that has taken place in the past few years. AI technologies are at work in some form or another in almost all industries today. AI is interwoven into our daily lives without our even realizing it. Many of you are using the face unlock feature on your phone for security. It is AI that makes it possible. It is with the help of AI that sites like YouTube and Netflix analyze what you like and what you don't like and make recommendations accordingly. It is AI that detects and tells you how much traffic there is on the way when going from one place to another in Google Maps. AI applications like food delivery apps and banking services can go on and on.

Even though it has been in the doldrums, artificial intelligence has become the talk of the world again. That's because AI is incarnated as a creator. This is called Generative AI. This is called artificial intelligence which has the ability to create something new out of existing things. For example, if all 1330 threads are given to artificial intelligence and made to write a new thread, it is Generative AI. For this, the AI ​​needs to analyze the meaning of each syllable and the authority it holds and learn 'how to write a syllable'. This method of making the computer learn automatically is called Machine Learning. The more data there is, the faster and more accurately AI can learn a thing. This data is called Training Data.

We mentioned Thirukkural for easy understanding. In fact, 1330 Kurals would not be enough for an AI to learn Thirukurkal's technique. However, Generative AI models that generate images and paintings that are currently in circulation do not have this problem. Millions of pictures and paintings are already pouring on the internet. Apps like Lensa, and Dawn AI, which are going viral on the internet, use such Generative AI models. Lensa's 'Magic Avatar' feature uses a Generative AI model called Stable Diffusion. For this model, about 500 crore images, sketches, and cartoons are taken from the Internet and are given as Training Data along with their annotations. It has learned how to create pictures and paintings from scratch with them.

Not only do we convert our pictures into paintings, we just need to explain what we want in writing and they create a beautiful painting. The more detail and clarity we describe in words, the better these AI sketches become.

There are also Generative AI models that focus on writing. They write stories, screenplays, dialogues, and songs. Let's take ChatGPT introduced by Open AI. It is an AI chatbot. From leave letters to the office to complex program coding, it can write anything you ask. Plans to go to Goa. Scripts for serials with subtitles. It also gives an idea of how the plot of 'Mangadhata 2' could be. This is an AI model that works with data obtained from the Internet as Training Data until 2021. Even if you don't know much about music, you can compose music with an AI service called AIVA. Why so much, AI is going to provide legal assistance to a person in a court in the US as a test trial?


This is the starting point of Generative AI. We can definitely expect even bigger developments in the coming years. But even then, many controversies have started surrounding Generative AI technology. The AI ​​creates a new painting based on the paintings already done by different artists. This raises the question of who owns the copyright of the new paintings. Many artists are also accusing AI of 'copying our style'. They complain that our work is being given as training data to this AI without our permission. ArtStation, which showcases the work of artists from all over the world, has started protesting by uploading pictures and cartoons called No to AI on sites like DeviantArt.

Apart from the patent issue, there have been complaints that human biases, prejudices, perversions, and viciousness have been transmitted to these AIs as well. Many women have accused the Lensa app of portraying women as objects of attraction in its pictures. These AI models do what they learn from the human creation. AI companies are avoiding solving such controversies as there is no specific bias or bias for it. If such problems are on one side, the authors express concern that such AI models will not have any such thing as 'homework'. This AI explains even the most complicated things in a very simple way. Thus, AI is a boon for those who are interested in learning. At the same time, What if these AI models that write research papers are asked to complete school and college homework? The concern of educators is that school and college students may use it as a shortcut. Some educational institutions in New York have already banned the use of ChatGPT. 'How will students learn if AI does everything like this?' These educational institutes are asking. Quoting this news, Elon Musk tweeted 'Good Bye Homework'. 'How will students learn if AI does everything like this?' These educational institutes are asking. Quoting this news, Elon Musk tweeted 'Good Bye Homework'. 'How will students learn if AI does everything like this?' These educational institutes are asking. Quoting this news, Elon Musk tweeted 'Good Bye Homework'.

While these AI models have a thousand advantages, there are also a thousand pitfalls. Given these developments, the concern that AI will take away many jobs is still prevalent. Some companies have already started listing and warning which jobs are at risk.

'Will artificial intelligence sideline the entire human race as seen in Hollywood films?' Some even have doubts. We asked ChatGPT for this. ``It is true that artificial intelligence is a powerful and transformative technology. But AI is a human-made and human-controlled technology. There are no separate likes and dislikes for it. So the chances of AI taking over the world as shown in the movies are very less. The future of artificial intelligence lies in how humans will use it. However, it's better to approach it with some caution!

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