Works related to the Election Commission will continue until the law fulfills its duty

Works related to the Election Commission will continue until the law fulfills its duty

Electoral Commissioner Saman Ratnayake has said that delaying and not holding the election is not their concern, it is the matter of the Election Commission to implement the laws and the work of the Election Commission will continue until certain arrangements are made as per the law.

Commissioner General of Elections Saman Ratnayake while addressing the media today (08) further stated;

“Just as it is the government's responsibility to provide money for the election, if there is a government, it is also the government's responsibility to protect the sovereign rights of the people of that state. The estimated amount for the election is ten billion rupees. Often these tasks can be done for very little money. Hope to be able to finish.

This time we are using the 2022 electoral roll. According to the voter register, one million sixty eight hundred fifty six thousand six hundred and twenty nine (16856629) people are eligible to vote.#

The responsibility of electing the members for 340 local councils and publishing them in the gazette has been entrusted to the Election Commission and has been postponed to 19th March 2023 before the local government elections. Accordingly, the Commission has completed all the necessary basic steps there.

Accordingly, necessary notifications were issued to accept the nominations. Even now, the relevant government officials have held all the necessary discussions with the government agencies regarding the conduct of the elections. Currently there are 86 registered political parties. We hope to call the secretaries of those parties and give necessary instructions,” he said

resource : daily ceylon
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