Is Geeta quitting politics?

Is Geeta quitting politics?
Minister of State for Women and Children, Geetha Kumarasinghe has announced that she is retiring from politics and re-entering the arts.

“.. Elections should be held within a specified period. To fulfill the demands of the people. Why should we be afraid if we have done what is necessary for the people?

I have been a Swiss citizen for 30 years. Those are the unforgettable memories of my life. It was received by my husband. Along with my citizenship there, I also acquired my citizenship in Sri Lanka. I was a dual citizen. I felt the need to show that I was honest. However, during the 2020 elections, I also wanted dual citizenship to be removed. Then I got rid of my dual citizenship. England or Switzerland is not important to us, the country we live in is important to us. Just serve it..

I am totally against the idea of ​​cannabis cultivation. Our country does not need cannabis. There is no need to use cannabis revenue to develop the country. Cannabis will destroy the country. How can we support it? We can't control drugs now.

I don't know whether I will be in politics after this or not. I'll be honest, I want to step back into my art department. Because I have learned that my inner happiness lies there.. But in this time I have to give my best service to the people. You can't tell me to grow cannabis for that.

Students' school bags are checked. If this marijuana is legalized, will marijuana be in school bags? The situation is that the students took ganja and got drunk.. "

he said.

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