Again the spread of Covid in China

Again the spread of Covid in China
Foreign media reports that hospitals are beginning to overflow with patients as the spread of Covid continues to rise in China.
Due to this, the country's hospital system has come under severe pressure.

Some hospitals have taken steps to increase the capacity of their wards in recent days. But those places are also reportedly filling up fast. In this case, the hospital sources said that the doctors and nurses who are affected by the Covid infection are also at risk of spreading the disease as they have to work.

Although China has implemented strict restrictions in the past to control the spread of Covid, some have started to fight against those restrictions. A few weeks ago, these protests intensified and some started calling for President Xi Jinping to step down.

Against this backdrop, the government took steps to relax some of the Covid restrictions. This situation is also said to be the cause of further increase in the spread of Covid. Many countries eased their Covid restrictions when the spread of the disease was low in those countries. But China has taken this step against the backdrop of rising number of victims.

Since the beginning of the corona epidemic, the total number of infected people in China has been reported to be three hundred sixty thousand nine thousand and eighteen. Five thousand two hundred and thirty-five deaths were reported. Currently, the number of active victims is thirty-five thousand two hundred and seventy-five. But many foreign media have reported that the actual figures for the corona virus in China may be much higher.

While many countries in the world have adapted to a new lifestyle while living with Covid, China has always tried to stay on the Zero Covid policy. With that policy, they always try to keep the number of Covid cases in the country to zero. But now, as that policy has not been very successful, experts suggest that Covid has started to spread again across China.
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