Postal Department Alerts Public to Two Financial Scams

Postal Department Alerts Public to Two Financial Scams
Sri Lanka's Postal Department warns of fraudulent financial schemes involving fake websites and phishing attempts. Stay vigilant and contact the department to report any suspicious activity. Protect your financial information.

The Postal Department of Sri Lanka has issued a warning to the general public regarding two financial scams that exploit the department's identity. One of these scams revolves around a counterfeit website that closely resembles the official Postal Department website and features an online transaction system.

To clarify, the Postal Department has made it clear that it does not offer any online transaction services on its official website. Disturbingly, it has come to light that a fraudulent website, resembling the Postal Department's site, is operating with the intention of deceiving individuals and acquiring sensitive credit and debit card information from them.

The perpetrators of this scam have been sending SMS messages to unsuspecting individuals, falsely claiming that they have a parcel waiting for them at the Postal Department. These messages prompt the recipients to make a payment for the supposed delivery. However, the Postal Department has categorically stated that they do not provide any online transaction facility on their official website.

In addition to this scam, the Postal Department has also highlighted another financial fraud targeting Sri Lankans. The scammers impersonate the department and employ SMS messages or emails to inform victims that their postal deliveries have failed due to a missing address line. To rectify the situation, they request the victims to log onto a website that closely resembles the official department website. Once on the fraudulent site, the victims are prompted to share their credit or debit card information.

The Postal Department urges the public to exercise caution and avoid falling victim to these scams. Individuals who wish to report such fraudulent activities or require further information are encouraged to contact the department through its emergency hotline at 1950 or visit their local post office.

Postal Department Alerts Public to Two Financial Scams
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