'They will make me ugly'...I will bowl to them and give them wickets: Ashwin is very unhappy!

'They will make me ugly'...I will bowl to them and give them wickets: Ashwin is very unhappy!
When Ashwin was playing for Punjab Kings, he took the wicket of Rajasthan Royals batsman Jos Buttler. Following this, the mancut out method became a big trend.

While the debate was going on whether Mancut was right or wrong, the ICC announced that it was official in the Mancut Out method. Following this, some people, including the Indian women's team, mucked and got into a big controversy. In this case, this Mankat system has caused a big controversy again.

Melbourne Renegades and Melbourne Star recently clashed in the Bigg Boss League series. Batter Rogers was manhandled by Adam Zamba against the Renegades and appealed to the umpire. The umpires were unable to reach a decision and referred a third umpire. Batter Rogers was out of the crease and the umpire gave an unexpected not out. Why not out? If a bowler makes a full effort to bowl and fails to release the ball, the ball is declared void. The third umpire didn't give out because Adam Zamba also did the whole thing to bowl and then mucked. Interview with Ashwin:

In this case, Ravichandran Ashwin has spoken about this issue. In it, "I am tired of talking about Mankat. But there was one thing I liked about this episode. Jamba showed fear to the batter. Before bowling, he showed fear of getting out if he left the crease. This is the highlight," he said. Ashwin's response to Hussey : Speaking further, Ashwin responded to Michael Hussey's comments on Mankat. Hussey said, "When the bowler appealed, the captain could have blocked it. The decision may be reversed on appeal. That is healthy cricket.

Speaking about this, Ashwin said, "Why shouldn't the bowler appeal? If a non-striker is dismissed by a bowler, the captain should not be thinking whether it is right or not. It is a betrayal of the bowler. I got out as per the rules. But if the captain withdraws the appeal decision without listening to me, it will be a disgrace to me. Why should I bowl and get wickets for people who humiliate me and don't support me?? Ashwin questioned.

source :  sumanasa news
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