Kollywood Spider in Indian Cinema

Kollywood Spider

Simbu used to stay in a hotel near the institute. This is an arrangement so that he does not disturb the house as he is a nocturnal bird

Earlier, Vijay was present only during the recording of songs. He would pay special attention to the lines in the songs that introduce the hero. Now he is also reading the script to develop interest little by little. Earlier it was a situation where just telling him the script was enough. Now he makes corrections in the dialogues only with known directors. He has started saying that you can only take the verses he says if they are good. Friends are surprised to see this change. In support of all this, it is mentioned that he is now showing interest in script and direction. It is reported that we can expect a big film directed by Vijay and Oscar Films, which has not produced any films for a long time, may produce it.

Simbu used to stay in a hotel near the institute. This is an arrangement so that he does not disturb the house as he is nocturnal. In this case, after receiving treatment for DR's health, he vacated the hotel room and returned home. Apart from coming, if there is no shooting, he surprises his father by taking him for a check-up and talking to him calmly. He has told another mother that he will tie a thali to the girl you are talking about. Simbu makes DR ready to release an album by telling him 'go ahead and put music... you should not be idle'. The whole family is surprised to see this change in him.

Vijay Sethupathi has completely cut down on new films now. Among the available films are five Hindi films. It has been said that the films I will be acting in will not be for friends or for prestige. He is eagerly waiting for the film 'Jawan' as he is an equal character to Shah Rukh Khan. But it has been decided that 'Merry Christmas' will be his first Hindi film. It is known that Katrina Kaif will act as a pair with him. Sethupathi is nervous like never before. This tension is because of a new language and a new place.


After director Bala 's 'Vanangan' was easily withdrawn from Suriya, they went on to choose another hero. The film has returned to Vishal. He said 'no' citing the fact that he had two films in his possession. When the actor approached Kathira, his father did not agree even though he wanted to. Arya pointed to the three films in her hand and blurted out 'sari anne'. Bala is forced to introduce a new person. It is reported that Atharva has already given the green signal to him and Bala is keeping him on the waiting list as he will be suitable for the upcoming village film.

Vikram's son Dhruv is going to America for acting training. It was a short course of almost three months. Famous Hollywood directors and actors give this training. Expect him to show that trick soon in Chennai.


As the musician is now posing as a supporter of Modi, it is being said that DMK leadership and he does not have proper adhesion. It is said that even at the recent Gandhi Gram graduation ceremony, the Chief Minister and Ilayaraja did not speak as if they were meeting after many years. He congratulated Udhayanidhi on taking office as minister to bridge this gap and bring smooth relations. They immediately thanked the king and spoke to him about Udayanidhi, and now they are back to normal. Bharathiraja plans to hold a function to celebrate Ilayaraja's 80th birthday soon. They say the chief minister will be invited as a special guest.

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